Friday, February 22, 2013

Sherlock Holmes Cape

When I finished this cape it reminded me of Sherlock Holmes for some reason.  I think is it the plaid fabric I used to make it.  Even though I don't think pink and black were colors he would have worn.  This pattern is out of print McCall's 5764.  A very easy to sew pattern.  The most challenging part of sewing this cape was trying to match the plaids.  You must do the plaid matching at the cutting stage.
I am close to matching on most of the cape.  Well it is close enough for me.   I am happy with the results and I even found four black vintage buttons in my stash to use on the front closing.  This is one of the many patterns I picked up at the auction.  I love it when I find a few patterns that I want to make in the box of patterns from the auction.

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