Friday, February 1, 2013

Brocade Jacket

I bought this fabric about three years ago, I finally got around to making something out of it.  I love this brocade fabric.  It is reversible one side has grey background with royal blue flowers and the other side is reverse of that.  I used the grey background on the top part of my jacket with the blue background on the pleated skirt and pleated cuffs.  The difference is very subtle but nice.

I love the style of this jacket.  I like the longer length and it fits me very well.  I used Simplicity 3523.  It is a Sew Stylish pattern from the publishers of Threads.  There is also a shorter style of the jacket in the envelope, as well as a dress, top and pair of pants.  I may try the top out.  The dress I am not so sure about even though it is just a longer version of the top it just doesn't look all that flattering.  The pant are the pretty generic pants that seem to be included in every pattern with a wardrobe look.  I do plan to make some pants to wear with my jacket I just will not be using this pattern.

This pattern calls for using large snaps as a closing with buttons sewn on top for a finished look.  I opted for the same finish since it uses large buttons.  I used some of my vintage buttons from my stash.  They are black buttons with a carved star burst design on the surface.  I think the buttons finish the jacket off nicely.

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