Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another tank top

I whipped up another tank top today. This time I used a tubular knit so the only seams needed were the shoulder seams. I only used a pattern as a guide to cut the armholes and the neckline. The fabric came in a batch of stuff I got at the auction so I am not sure what the fabric content is. It feels like it may be a cotton polyester blend. It does feel very soft and springs back to shape well.

I didn't want just a plain white tank top so I added a bit of embellishment to the front. I cut strips of the same knit and gathered them down the center to make ruffles. I actually cut them with a pair of scalloped scissors but you can't really tell once the strips were gathered. I sewed three strips at the front of my top before I hemmed the neck edge. After sewing them on I wanted something to decorate the centers. I first thought of some kind of narrow trim but I didn't have anything I liked. Then I decided this was a great place to use one of my over 400 decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I like to play with those stitches but there is hardly ever a place you can use them without looking a bit too homemade. I picked out a stitch that looks like a rosebud on a stem. I tested a few stitches out on a scrap. I like how this adds to my ruffles. I had to use some tearaway stabilizer under my fabric because the fabric wanted to get sucked down into the throat plate and get stuck.

I also got to use my new five thread serger I got at the auction a few months ago. I really haven't had a chance to play with this at all since I got it. I only tested it when I brought it home to see if it even worked. I came with the three row cover stitch set up. There was not an accessory box with it so I have to do a bit of research to see if I can find replacements of if the tools from my other sergers will work with this one. Mainly I need the tools that is used to replace the needles and move the position. Anyway I finished the armholes and the neckline and the hem with this three row cover stitch and the worked great. I think I have a piece of hot pink tubular knit in my stash somewhere and if I can find it I think I will make a pink tank top next.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


hop button

I found this pattern in a huge stash of sewing supplies I won at the auction for $2.00. I was intrigued because this pattern only has three pattern pieces for the whole look. The top is only one pattern piece with only shoulder seams and a seam down the back. I knew that had to be the easiest top ever to sew.

The pant-skirt as the pattern envelope calls them only has two pieces the main skirt piece and the waistband. So even though I was sceptical about the style I wanted to try them out too. I think they may be to old fashioned. I am not sure about them because even after making them and trying them on I kind of like them. Looks more like a skirt than pants so maybe I could wear them in public.

The top on the other hand I will definitely get some use out of. This will be perfect to wear to work. It is hot in the back room were I work but I must wear a jacket when I go out on the floor to fit people so I always wear something sleeveless under my jacket. I do plan on making this top again.
I think the original owner of this pattern had made the top many times too. But had never made the pant-skirt because those pieces were uncut. I had to make the pattern a bit larger because it wasn't in my size. I used a cut and spread method and added some extra paper to what would have been the side seams. The pattern didn't actually have side seams but large darts to give shape to the sides. I also had to do a bit of repair to the darts on the pattern because it had been used some much. They were perforated from a tracing wheel and tracing paper to the point that they were almost cut out completely. So I glued the piece to another paper with spray adhesive. I may trace it onto a piece of lightweight interfacing at some point. I wanted to see how it fit before I did anything else.
hop button

Aside from enlarging the size I did make the top about three inches longer. You can't tell the length because I have it tucked in the picture because I wanted you to be able to see the skirt better. I hits me about hip length. I made the skirt a inch and a half longer because the picture on the envelope looked quite short to me. I can always make it shorter if I want. But making things longer is not as easy to do.

The top is an easy make again project. It would have been even quicker and easier if I hadn't used the ruffled fabric. The ruffled fabric can be a bit tricky making sure all the ruffles are going in the right direction. Next time i may try it in a plain fabric and add some embellishments. This top is simple and just asking to be embellished. The pattern even shows an apple applique or a ribbon bow. I don't think I will be using the apple idea though. And I probably will not make the pants-skirt again even though it fit well and was super easy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brides Apron

So after deciding to make the camo apron for the groom I had to come up with something suitable for the bride. While I didn't want to make the bride a camouflaged apron, I did want it to kind of go together. I wanted hers to be more feminine but still in keeping with the nature theme. So I picked out this flower twill that has been in my stash so long I can't remember where it came from. The large eyelet ruffle was something that was given to me and the small eyelet ruffles around the pockets I have had in my stash for a very long time too. I used the same ripstop cotton in olive that I used on the grooms apron. I think using that same fabric on both aprons is just enough to coordinate them. His being tough and manly and hers pretty and girly.
This was a retro pattern from 1979. It is Simplicity 9209 and I made view 1. This pattern came from a box won at the auction. I am getting quite a collection of old apron patterns. This one took a bit longer to make than I anticipated. But still it was pretty easy to sew together. It was more time consuming because of all the bias trim around every edge. The pattern called for premade bias trim but I wanted to used the olive fabric to match the grooms apron. His had only a bit of bias used as ties and to finish the sides. But I already had some bias strips left over from cutting his out. I pretty much followed the pattern exactly except for making my own bias trim. I think it turned out adorable. I hope they will use their aprons and have fun cooking together.

Camouflaged Apron

I needed a wedding gift for some friends. They are a couple who have already established two homes and now merging into one home. So they really don't need the traditional wedding gifts. But I wanted to make then something personal. The man loves to be in the woods and wear camouflage clothes. Even a lot of his every day clothes are camo prints. They even talked about using that color scheme in their wedding. So for him I decided to make a camouflage barbecue apron. I am making her a more feminine apron with flowers and ruffles.
I used a McCall's patterns 2947. I got the patterns in one of the boxes of stuff I won at the auction. It was printed in 2000 so I am not sure if it is still in print. I used view H which is a very simple style of apron. Very easy to make. The fabric I used came from JoAnn Fabric it is a tree print camo. It wasn't in the clearance section nor was it on sale but I was able to use a coupon. The olive ripstop cotton I used for the pocket and the trim ties was from the clearance section and of course I bought it when the clearance was 50% off. The only changes I made to the pattern was to make the apron about 3 inches longer because the groom is very tall. I hope he likes it!