Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ruffle Top

It has been a really long time since I posted any of my sewing projects. I have been sewing some but just haven't found time to take pictures and write up a post. I have been trying to make some lightweight tops that I can wear to work. This ruffle fabric has been getting a lot of attention around the blogaspear. People are coming up with some adorable projects using this sweet fabric. Check out these tutorials, I think the Coastal Curtsy Skirt is so pretty. If I were younger and thinner I would make myself one of those. I do have a younger thinner daughter but she doesn't think she would wear that skirt but requested a more basic skirt made out of the ruffle fabric. More this one. I think I will be able to whip one up for her. I am happy to because she so rarely wants anything I sew for her anymore. I don't sew for her unless she asks. Mostly what she ask for is costumes.

I found my ruffle fabric on the clearance rack at Hancock Fabrics yay because it is a bit pricey. But most projects only use a little. I got this pink and some red ruffle fabric. This is slightly shear but the ruffles cover most of the see through factor. I thought it would make a nice T-shirt. I used my old standby pattern New Look 6735. I have made the 3/4 sleeve T-shirt many times. For some reason I have not sewed anything else included in this pattern. This shirt has a seam in the back for a more shaped shirt. I eliminated the seam and just cut the back on the fold. That made it even easier to make. I don't need more shape in my T-shirts as I don't really have a defined waist. I need to loose a few pounds.

This top went together quickly. You don't even need to hem this fabric as you just leave a ruffle edge. It is a bit tricky to cut out and the seams can be tricky to as you must make sure the ruffles are all flat and going in the right direction. The only edge that needed a finish was the neckline. I used some pink fold over elastic for that. I really like this top however I wore it to work and that was not such a good idea. The fabric seems to be a bit delicate and snags easily. I work as a tailor in a men's store and it seems the edged of my tables and presses have tiny burrs on them. And this top seemed to be attracted to them and kept getting snagged. So I will save this top for other occasions when I am not constantly rubbing against a table. I have some leftover fabric so I think I will make my daughter a skirt with it. For a skirt I will have to line it with some kind of knit because the fabric is so shear. But it will make a cute skirt for her.

I added this to this show off your stuff party.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Surf Fishing

I know this post has nothing to do with sewing or crafting but I wanted to share my fish story. I went surf fishing at Cape Henlopen yesterday. I had such a nice time with my new guy friend and he taught me how to surf fish. I have never been much of a fisherman before. But I found that surf fishing is a very relaxing activity. The beach was beautiful and the weather was nice. I was a bit chilly because the wind was strong. We had a nice picnic of roasted chicken and good conversation. After only about 10 minutes after putting the baited line in the water we had a catch. Greg showed me how to reel him in and we found we had caught a striped bass. Around here they call them rock fish and this one was big enough to keep. But we did throw him back.

I actually did do a bit of crafting while we were fishing. While waiting for something to bite I knitted about half of a new washcloth. I like to take some simple knitting along with me to the beach. Washcloths are perfect knitting for the beach because they are easy and you don't have to worry about getting your project ruined by sand and sea. Because wash cloths are for washing so hey just wash them when you are finished.

All in all it was a very good day. By the way this is the only fish we caught that day. But that doesn't really matter it was all about enjoying time spent together and a fun activity.