Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My partner got her package.

Now I can show the photos of some of the things I made for my partner in the Christmas stocking swap. She loves polkadots and pink and sparkles so I tried to include all these features in her stocking, I was pretty please with the way it turned out. Although I did have a mishap with the iron while I was pressing one side I melted the dotted brocade on the toe. I could think of no way to salvage it so I had to make another side. That was a bit tricky because I had cut all the pieces at the same time (2 of the brocade and 2 of the turquoise lining) so that everything would line up right. Well cutting the second side made for not so good matching and I had to do a bit of altering to make it all fit. I finally decided it was good enough and time to quit fiddling with it.

For some stocking stuffers I made a little jewelry pouch and a loyalty card wallet. I made some jewelry 3 memory wire bracelets a button pendant necklace and a charm bracelet.

I crafted a paper pieced Christmas tree pot holder. I have one for myself partially done because I thought this was so cute I wanted one for myself. I knitted her a belt/scarf in jewel toned swede yarn. And then there is the shirt cuff wallet for her son made from recycled shirt cuffs.

I had a panel for a Christmas apron and oven mitts so I sewed that up for her. I made a few of these last year including one for myself. I love mine especially the oven mitts. And the panel was purchased after Christmas so it only cost $1.25 per panel. I love those kind of bargains.

My partner has a daughter who loves zebra prints so I made a retro tie bag for her. The pattern is free from the Butterick site and it sews up really fast, She also has a 18 month old granddaughter so I made her a fabric book from another Christmas panel this one has Christmas Carols in it. Polkadotts also likes butterflies so I made her a reusable shopping bag. Last Christmas I made about 40 of these for gifts and even sold a few to a friend so she could use them for gifts. I kept several for myself I just have to remember to take them into the store with me. I also use them for work in progress bags and to tote all kinds of things. They are very useful.

A friend gave me a batch of fabric last month and there was this nativity panel in there. I thought that would be perfect for my partners Granddaughter to play with for Christmas. It was easy to put together and I think it turned out so cute. I was very surprised by how wonderful the picture I took of it turned out. I am not the best at taking pictures and I would rather spend my time crafting than taking pictures. I almost think the picture makes this look better than the real thing.
I added a few other things that were purchased that I didn't take pictures of. Polkadotts emailed me that she loves her package and will post pictures in the gallery tomorrow. I am anxious to see how she presents her new goodies.

sew i do: Happy birthday to me and a giveaway!

sew i do: Happy birthday to me and a giveaway! Look at all the adorable things you could win on Sew I Do. Novita is having a giveaway to celebrate her birthday on the last day of November. My birthday is also in November so maybe that will give me a better chance of winning.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stocking Swap Package Received

I received my package from the Stocking Swap on Craftster. My partner polkadotts went with a cowboy theme. I got a cowboy boot stocking and two cowboy Santa ornaments, She made me a kit for making red beans and rice Cajun style. A great cookbook and some wooden utensils she personalized with wood burning.

I got a bandanna with the state of Texas because my partner lives in Texas. A great smelling herbal heating pad. A small specialty coffee and several different candies. She also included a piece of cute Christmas fabric.

She sent me fifteen vintage patterns. I think I may be able to use some of these with just a few adjustments, like altering the extremely large shoulders. I actually think I already own a few of these patterns from when I was in my teens and early 20s. Does that make me vintage too?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stocking Swap Sent

The deadline for sending out the stocking swap package was today. I sent my package this morning before going to work. I just finished up the last two items last night about 8:00pm. So after spending the rest of the evening wrapping a few things and taking pictures I crammed everything into the box. My cat wanted to go along with the goodies but she wouldn't fit. Now for the nervous wait until she receives.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christ-Centered Christmas Swap sendout by 12/5 - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS

Christ-Centered Christmas Swap sendout by 12/5 - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS: "«" I joined another swap over on Craftster The Christ-Centered Christmas Swap. I haven't had a chance to start on this one yet as I am finishing up on The Stocking Swap first. I made some things for my partners boys today. I made some leather zipper pouches for their handheld games systems. I found these to be a bit challenging because it involved geometry skills. And I didn't have a game system to try them on I just went by the measurements my partner gave me. I stopped by Wal-Mart to see if they had any on display that I could try for fit. But they only had pictures on display and the actual games were locked and in their boxes. I was pretty sure they were not going to let me open a box to see if it would fit into my little pouch. They are just plain leather now but I am thinking about adding some kind of decoration to the side. I can't decide what to put on there or if the boys would prefer it plain. To me they look like tiny toiletry bags and I like them plain.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hawthorne Threads Giveaway - Blog Link Details

Hawthorne Threads Giveaway - Blog Link Details Check out Hawthorne Threads Blog for a chance to win a Firenze Bag Kit or a Girly Girl in Sweet fat quarter package. The winners will be announced in their newsletter on November 16th. I Think that would be a great day to win this contest as it is my birthday. I love making bags and collecting fat quarters so I would be thrilled to win either one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stocking Swap am taking part in a stocking swap over on Craftster. I have been crafting several things for my partner and members of her family. I am not sure if she reads my blog or not so I will wait to post pictures until she receives my package. I made a few things today from some printed panels. Those panels sew together quickly and everything I already had in my stash. Actually a friend recently gave me a bunch of fabrics and some of these panels were in there. Since my partner has a 18 month old granddaughter she requested something for her. I was happy to be crafting for a toddler as they usually like what you make them. All my kids are grown and no grands yet so I enjoyed the chance to sew for a young child again. She also has 3 boys and a daughter too. I have come up with some things for the daughter but am still thinking about what to make for the boys. I have a few ideas but maybe I will ask her for some measurements. The boys range in ages from 8 to 19 it is a bit harder to come up with something they could use. I just wanted to include something for everyone she had on her list even if it is just something small. - Welcome - Welcome I discovered Goodwill online the other day and I already won two auctions. I can't wait until they come in the mail. One is a box set of vintage creative pattern booklets. It comes in a cute red checked box. And the other is a vintage 1944 Butterick sewing book. I love collecting vintage sewing books and patterns. I won the bids at a very low price but the shipping charges are much more than the cost of the item. I think they are still worth the price. I have my eye on some more vintage crochet books and my bids in. I will know in a few days if I get those. I am not so sure it was a good thing that I discovered this or not. If I don't see it I don't want it. But it is a pretty harmless collection and really not very costly. And it is fun to win.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Audrey Hepburn

This was my daughters costume for Halloween 2008. I made the dress for her.

Sandy Costume

I am still making Halloween costumes for my 21 yr old daughter. She can sew but she doesn't like to as much as I do and she doesn't really have the time right now either. She was Sandy from Grease this year. She bought the pants the red shoes and the wig. All I made was the top. The top is just a knit tube for the body and another for the collar off the shoulder straps. I don't really know what to call this part, but it was very easy to put together. I also made a belt which doesn't really show up in this picture because it is out of the same fabric as the top. There is a gold buckle in the front. The belt was supper simple to make. She ended up with blisters on her feet from the shoes. I guess that is the price you have to pay for being that sexy hot for Halloween. She is actually much more conservative in her dress normally. But she can get aways with this look. Me on the other hand I could never be seen in public in this kind of outfit. Probably should not even wear it in private.