Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pleated Jacket

This was a super easy jacket to sew up.  I used a silk loose weave with multi colored yarns.  There are blues, greens, white, grey and black threads in the fabric.  I have had this in my stash for a few years.  I think this pattern is out of print.   I like the style of this jacket and it does fit me well.  It has a swing style with pleats in the front and a large pleat in the center back.  It has three quarter length sleeves that fit rather loose.  I may make either the dress or the top included on the pattern. 

The fabric had such a loose weave that  I had to do some extra stitching to keep everything from raveling apart.  This is an unlined jacket so I used  mock french seams to enclose the seams on the inside.  That made the seams stronger and will prevent raveling and also gives a nice finished appearance to the inside.  Although you can hardly see it I used one of my tacking stitches on my Bernina 200E right about each pleat.  The stitch is an arrow tack stitch.  One royal blue button and a buttonhole finish the jacket.  An easy jacket to make and a nice jacket to wear.

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