Saturday, June 27, 2015

Girl Charlee Fabrics

Last month I discovered Girl Charlee KnitFix.  It happens on the second Tuesday of each month.  You can buy a surprise bag of knit fabrics that come packaged in a canvas bag.  The surprise is you don't know what you are getting and the fabrics are not available anywhere else on their site.  You get 6 different 2 yard pieces of various knit fabrics.

This is the first KnitFix I received and I love all the fabrics except the middle one on the right.  It is  a Rainbow Tie Dye Ethnic Jersey Rayon Spandex Knit.  It is kind of thin and very stretchy.  I am determined to make something cute out of it.  I have plans for all the others though.  When I get some better pictures I will show you what I made with two of the knits already.  The coral and white knit on the top right is one I have never dealt with before.  It is a Boucle Hacci Sweater Knit and it is very stretchy and loopy and light weight.

 So just a week or so after I got my first KnitFix I decided to order another one.  It was so much fun receiving a surprise and deciding what i could make with the 2 yard pieces.  I really like the small floral on a white background in this bag.  I will probably make some kind of top with it.  It is very light weight and flowy.  I also like the grey and white stripe a lot.  The one I wasn't to fond of is on the far left a Brown and Pink Stamped Floral Cotton Spandex Knit.  It is a pretty bold large print and because it is a stamped  fabric is is a bit stiff.  I washed and dried  it and it did soften up a bit but I am still not so sure about the print.  As I said before I am determined to make something cute out of it too.

I am liking this KnitFix and I have already received my June bag too.