Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Linen Pants

 Simplicity has a line of patterns called Amazing Fit.  They are really nice at helping you get the perfect fit.  I have used three of these patterns all for pants (I'm not sure if the make these in other garments).  This is the first time I tried this pattern 2526.  The pattern shows how to take detailed measurements and how to alter your pattern to get just the right fit.  It also tells you how a pair of pants should fit you.  Only one pair of pants is included in the pattern but you can chose your figure type, slim, average or curvy.  I picked average because even though I am on the heavy side I am not really curvy because I have a thick waist.  The waistband is the same for all body types.  The hips and thighs are the pattern pieces that are different for each body type.

The other nice feature about these patterns is that in several places the seam allowances are one inch instead of the usual 5/8".  This gives you room for adjusting and also makes a nice seam look.  The side seams, the center back seam, and the back inner thigh seam have one inch allowances.  The pattern tells you when to try on the pants before finishing to tweak the fit if needed.  I always do this anyways.  But I think this would be really helpful to a beginner.  It would be nice to have a friend help you with these fitting stages.  It is hard to fit yourself.

I think the fit is right on except for the length.  I need to shorten them some more.  As usual I made them to long even with the highest shoes I am ever going to wear with them.  I didn't have a friend to help me with the fittings so I was a bit off.  But I usually have to hem my ready to wear pants so it is no big deal to shorten the a bit more.   The only change I made to the Pattern was that I added a lining.  I thought a lining was necessary because the linen fabric tends to stretch as you are wearing it.  A lining will help the pants keep their neat appearance and also keep them from wearing out to soon.  I think I am going to like these pants and I will probably use this pattern again for a nice basic pair of pants.

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