Friday, July 24, 2015

Toddler Underwear

When I ordered my first Girl Charlee KnitFix I added some extras to my order so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping.  I would much rather spend that $12 on some more fabric.  Some of the fabric I bought were these half yard knits.  I thought it would be enough to make something for my grandson so I picked out some fabrics he would like not really knowing what I would make with them.  A half yard would be enough to make a t-shirt with.  I decided to make a t-shirt with a Stretch & Sew Pattern from the 70's that I got at the auction several months ago.  I was pleased to discover that there was enough fabric left to make a pair of briefs to match.  The brief pattern came from The Little One Yard Wonder Book.  The first pair I make was the olive with the fawns and I made the size 4/5 thinking that would be plenty big enough for a 2 year old to grow into.  He is not quite potty trained yet.  Even though I could get the briefs on him they were a bit tight.  I think I should have chose a bigger size partly because the fabric I used was not very stretchy.  And little man has pretty hefty thighs.  But he liked his Deer Underwear and T-Shirt.


The olive set turned out so cute and sewed up so easily I decided to make some more.  This time I used this triangle print that also had some deer in the print.  I made the briefs in the next bigger size and I used the pattern for the tank top from the Little One Yard Wonder Book.  I think these turned out even cuter than the first set.  I like the way the buck ended up on the front of the briefs.  I couldn't really plan it that way because I was working with only a half yard of fabric so I had to fit the pieces on there wherever they would fit.  

 I had an idea this tank top would make a nice summer set of PJ's if I added a pair of boxers with it.  I got this pattern for free from Shwin and Shwin. I is a size 5/6 slim. They turned out much larger that the 6/7 briefs, but I think that will be fine as a pair of PJ shorts that he will wear over a diaper.  I had just enough of this fabric to cut out the sides of this boxer brief pattern.  I used some aqua cotton spandex for the accents on the boxers and white cotton spandex to trim the tank and the briefs.  Both of the solid fabric were half yard pieces as extras on my order.
 These little underwear were so fun to make.  I think they are just adorable if that is possible for underwear.  They only take tiny amounts of fabric so you can easily use scraps leftover from other projects.  I think they would be a great project for someone new to sewing with knits because they use very little fabric.  And if you make a few mistakes hey they are underwear and most people will never see them.  But these are so cute you may want to show everyone.

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