Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Floral Garden Top

I was able to sew up another top from my Floral Garden Jersey that I got in my May KnitFix.  I used a pattern from my currently most used book The Magic Pattern Book.  This time I used the Avery top pattern.  I did make a few modifications to the pattern.  First thing was to go down a size from a large to a medium.  I did this because the pattern was sized for a woven fabric and I wanted to use this very stretchy knit. And I had previously used a knit for another top from the same book without going down a size and I felt it was a bit large for me.  Since I usually find that the neckline is too low for me I made the shoulder seam at the small size.  I also eliminated the darts because i felt they were not really needed with this slinky knit.  The pattern called for an exposed zipper in the center of the upper back panel, I didn't use that either.  Instead I just used the seam line as the fold of the fabric.  I didn't need a zipper in the top and I believe it was just decorative.  And my fabric was pretty lightweight so I thought a zipper would only add unnecessary bulk.  Instead of the bias binding the pattern called for I used knit fabric strips that I cut from the same fabric as the back panel. One last change was to make the length a inch and a half shorter because the pattern pieces would not fit on the fabric I had.  I probably would have done that anyways because I am short so I usually shorten everything.  Wow after writing all the changes I made it sounds like I didn't like anything about this top, but I still have the basic style which I do like a lot.

It is hard to see in the pictures but there are some gathers at the center front neckline that I think give the top a bit more flair than just a basic tank top.  And I like the contrast back panel, it gives you a chance to use a small piece of fabric in a fun way.  I only had a half yard of this stripe fabric so it was not enough for a whole adult top.  This is the second project using this 2 yard piece of fabric and I think I have enough for one more project too.  I think this fabric is so pretty and I love the style of this top and the fit is good too.  I will definitely be making this again.  Actually I have plans for a woven version with the exposed zipper.  

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