Thursday, July 9, 2015

Some KnitFix Sewing

I know these are not the best pictures Mary but I couldn't find my camera and I wanted to post them on the site which is a closed group.  It is really fun to see what everyone is making with their KnitFix fabrics.  This is my first project with my KnitFix fabrics.  I used McCall's 7122 and made the tunic which is view A on the pattern, except I made the cap sleeves as shown in the view B dress.  I used the lovely Pink Coral Floral on Black Cotton Spandex Knit from my very first Knit Fix bag.  This was one of my favorite fabrics from the bag.  The fit of the tunic is great and I love the way it looks.

The pattern has a pair of basic leggings included in the envelope so I decided to make a pair of those too.  I purchased some black dancewear knit from JoAnn Fabrics to use.  This fabric is nice and thick as I don't like the look of thin see through leggings.  Actually I am not a big fan of leggings at all except that they are very comfortable.  They definitely need to have a longer top to cover up the rear in my opinion.  Or be worn only in the privacy of your own home.  These legging were super easy to sew because there are no side seams.  But they are very basic as the front and back are the same size rise.  I had to cut off about 2 inches in the front to make them fall at the right place on my waistline. And I had to taper off several inches in the legs from the bottom all the way to the top of the thighs because they were quite huge there not at all like leggings should fit.  But that was an easy fix.  The pattern was a super easy and quick sew great for beginers or anyone who wants quick results.  It also has several tips to help those learning to sew.

In the same bag I received a Coral White Boucle Hacci Sweater Knit.  It was really soft and pretty but I had never sewn with this kind of fabric before so I was excited about using it.  I made the Diana Cardigan from The Magic Pattern Book.  I shortened the pattern 2 inches in the sleeves and the body so that it would fit on my 2 yards of fabric. Since I am pretty short it worked well and I could have probably shortened it a bit more and it would have been fine.  The pattern only has 3 pieces so it is a really quick sew.  However working with that loopy fabric was a bit challenging, it was very stretchy and kept getting caught in my feed dogs.  I was sewing it at work so I didn't have access to my coverstitch machine or my serger which would have made it much easier.  But still you can sew knits on a regular straight stitch machine you just have to be patient and know how to hold your fabric.  and when to stretch and when to not stretch.  The cardigan came out fine I think I will make a few alterations to it after wearing it once.  The sleeves need to be tapered a bit and I need to do something to stabilize the back neck that seemed to have stretched out quite a bit while sewing.  I think I will like the cardigan much better in a more stable fabric.

Overall I love my new outfit and I am going to wear it this weekend at a Woman's  Retreat I am attending.  I think I will use this pattern again because I love how the top fits and I think I may try a dress next.  It is a good basic pattern for a raglan style dress/top.

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