Thursday, July 9, 2015

Skirt and Cardi

I wasn't really fond of this Brown Pink Stamped Floral Cotton Spandex Knit that I received in my 2nd KnitFix but I was determined to try and make something with it.  I decided on the Bridget Skirt from The Magic Pattern Book.  The skirt is a mock wrap style with elastic in the back waist band.  A very easy sew and easy to wear skirt.  I like the skirt overall and even got some compliments on it when I wore it to work the other day.  However I think this bold large print may not have been the best choice for this style skirt.  I tried to match up the design for the most part but it doesn't always work with such a large print.  You can't really see it in the picture but the skirt has a yolk which I have covered with my pink top because that is the part I am not that happy with.  I think it would have looked better with a smaller scale print or maybe a solid fabric for the yolk. And even though the skirt feels nice and comfy I could have made it one size smaller.  I will wear the skirt but it is not my favorite although I do like the pattern and will probably make that again.

To bring out the brown in the skirt print I picked up a Brown Hacci Knit with a bit of sparkle from Hancock Fabrics.  I made the same cardigan as the Coral Hacci from the previous post.  I like this brown much better for this pattern because it is much more stable and easier to work with.  This is a more wearable sweater too.  The Coral was so loopy that I was afraid it would get snagged on everything.  But the first time I wore the brown it got snagged on my car seat belt.  I was able to fix it so it doesn't show to much.  I guess you have to be careful with all of those Hacci Sweater Knits.  I have another striped Hacci Sweater knit that came in my June bag I will have to find a different pattern for that.  I am thinking something other than a cardigan.

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