Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More Border Print Tops

I couldn't believe I could get four projects out of my two yard cut of  Black Baroque Border Print Jersey Rayon Blend Knit.  But I made the most of this fabric and was left with only tiny scraps.  I think I may have enough to make a headband or scrunchy.  So the second top I made was this tunic which was a very easy sew in the pillowcase style top.  Even though this is an easy top to just cut out freehand without a pattern I choose to use a pattern.  I used _________ for this top.  And for the bow shoulder strap scarf I used the black chiffon I used on the tank top I made.  For the most part I like this top but I think I could have made it a few inches shorter.  I think it is a bit long on me for a tunic but a bit too short for a dress.  I will wear it as a tunic anyways.  I seem to always forget that patterns are made for very tall people.

The third top I made with this fabric was this contrast shoulder T-Shirt which is a free pattern from Icandy.  I seemed to be the most popular pattern for the June KnitFix post.  I thought it was a cute easy style and I wanted to try it too.  It only comes in a size medium but I just enlarged the sides a bit so it would fit me.  U used the baroque border for the back panel and for the front I used some of the pink and coral floral I had leftover from another project.  This top was so easy to sew I think it only took me about an hour and a half to put together and that included taping together the PDF pattern and printing it out.  This pattern is a good way to use small pieces of fabric for a really cute top.

I had a small piece of this border print left and I looked through my patterns to see if I could find something it would work for. This top had this panel in the front that just fit my fabric piece.  And I had enough of the floral left so I could use that for the cross over back panel.  I just had to find something to coordinate for the rest of the top.

I first tried to use The black and silver stripe for the sides that I used on the bottom of the back panel, but after sewing it together I didn't like the way it looked on the front.  So I changed it to this white and black lacy stripe fabric.  I liked that much better.  The pattern was sized for woven fabrics and I used knits that were not very stretchy.  I still wasn't really happy with the fit on me.  Mostly the neckline was very big and loose fitting and I knew it would annoy me because it would keep falling off my shoulders.  Also I am not a big fan of dolman type sleeves they always seem baggy and ill fitting.  I was going to think about what I was going to do with this top.  I showed it to Jessica when she stopped by and she thought it was pretty cute.  She tried it on and I think it looked good on her she liked it too.  She also had the problem of the shoulders falling off mostly because of the back crossover panel needed to be adjusted differently.  She wanted to wear it to work right away so I did a quick alteration to the back with a few safety pins.  She was delighted with her new top.

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