Saturday, July 25, 2015

How many shirts?

This is what I received for my June KnitFix.  I really liked everything.  The Black and white border print on the bottom is one that a lot of people on the facebook group talked about.  The problem was that the border was orientated along the salvage edge which was the side with the least stretch.  I thought it would be fine to use it anyway.  I was going to use it in whatever direction I wanted and I encouraged others to do the same.  Go ahead and be a sewing rebel.  So this fabric is the first one from June that I decided to work with.  I thought it was pretty.  And I was surprised by how many projects I could get out of just two yards of fabric.

My first project was this tank top.  It is a free pattern called the Flutter-bye Tank from Hot Patterns.  I downloaded it several years ago and it has just been sitting on my computer waiting for me to use it.  I love this pattern it has a good fit and a few extra details that make it stand out from just an ordinary tank top.  While the body of this tank is made with a knit fabric, the neck ruffle and the bottom flounce called for a woven fabric.  I wanted a lightweight  chiffon for the flounce and the neck ruffle.

I went to JoAnn Fabric to find something suitable.  I found two fabrics that were kind of what I had in mind.  The one I liked best was lightweight and had the feel I was after, but the end of the bolt said it needed to be dry cleaned only.  It said the fabric could crock.  I had never heard of that in reference to fabric and I really wanted to be able to wash my finished top.  The second choice fabric was washable but had a slightly heavier feel to it and it was also a bit cheaper.  So I asked the clerk at the cutting counter what "fabric could crock" meant and to my surprise she actually had an answer.  She said it meant that the color could rub off onto your skin or other fabric next to it.  I goggled it when I got home and she was right.  I bought the fabric that could crock because I liked it better and I felt if I washed it first and it didn't bleed I would be safe to wash my garment when finished.  It was after all 100% polyester which I have never had any color transfer of any kind with over the years.  So I went ahead and used it never intending to have it dry cleaned.

I love this tank top pattern I have made it twice now and will probably make it again.  I like using the knits and woven fabrics in the same project.  I think the reason I hadn't sewed this up before is because it was a PDF pattern and I was intimidated by having to tape all the pages together.  Now that all the taping is done I can use the pattern over again.  However I have plenty of this fabric left for another project.

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