Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stocking Swap

http://www.craftster.org/I am taking part in a stocking swap over on Craftster. I have been crafting several things for my partner and members of her family. I am not sure if she reads my blog or not so I will wait to post pictures until she receives my package. I made a few things today from some printed panels. Those panels sew together quickly and everything I already had in my stash. Actually a friend recently gave me a bunch of fabrics and some of these panels were in there. Since my partner has a 18 month old granddaughter she requested something for her. I was happy to be crafting for a toddler as they usually like what you make them. All my kids are grown and no grands yet so I enjoyed the chance to sew for a young child again. She also has 3 boys and a daughter too. I have come up with some things for the daughter but am still thinking about what to make for the boys. I have a few ideas but maybe I will ask her for some measurements. The boys range in ages from 8 to 19 it is a bit harder to come up with something they could use. I just wanted to include something for everyone she had on her list even if it is just something small.

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