Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christ-Centered Christmas Swap sendout by 12/5 - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS

Christ-Centered Christmas Swap sendout by 12/5 - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS: "«" I joined another swap over on Craftster The Christ-Centered Christmas Swap. I haven't had a chance to start on this one yet as I am finishing up on The Stocking Swap first. I made some things for my partners boys today. I made some leather zipper pouches for their handheld games systems. I found these to be a bit challenging because it involved geometry skills. And I didn't have a game system to try them on I just went by the measurements my partner gave me. I stopped by Wal-Mart to see if they had any on display that I could try for fit. But they only had pictures on display and the actual games were locked and in their boxes. I was pretty sure they were not going to let me open a box to see if it would fit into my little pouch. They are just plain leather now but I am thinking about adding some kind of decoration to the side. I can't decide what to put on there or if the boys would prefer it plain. To me they look like tiny toiletry bags and I like them plain.

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