Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love to sew swap I joined another swap on Craftster the I Love to Sew Swap Round 3. I did round 2 last year and I really enjoyed this swap. Now that I think of it I was part of round 1 also. Sewing is probably my favorite craft and so I love getting to know others who love to sew too. I even decided to sew a scrapbook for the other swap I am in on Craftster the Scrapbook-cookbook swap. We get our partners for the Love to sew swap on Friday or earlier if all the slots fill up first. I already did a bit of stalking from the people already signed up. But really I will just have to wait for partners to get started on this. I still have some parts of the Cookbook swap to get finished. I would like to try and send early if I can.

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