Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitty Pouch

My latest small project is this zippered Kitty Pouch. I bought a kit with everything I needed at the sewing expo I attended in August. The booth was The had all kinds of adorable things for purse making. This little pouch was pretty quick and easy to make. The direction called for a lot of hand sewing. Like hand quilting the layers together and even hand sewing the zipper in. I saw no need to hand sew those things especially the zipper so I did it by machine. The only hand sewing I did was to applique the cat head in place and embroidering the face. I like the size ans shape of the pouch and I would like to make more. It would be easily adapted to other designs on the front anything that would fit in the same space would work. A novelty fabric would be a cute and simple alternative to the applique.

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