Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Necktie Skirt

I got a collections of neckties a few months ago at a yard sale. My daughter had mentioned that she saw a skirt made of ties and thought it was cute. This actually surprised me because she usually doesn't like things like this. But she is older now and her tastes are changing. I whipped up this skirt today. To make it I used 14 ties to fit around my thin daughters waist. I sewed them together by butting them next to each other and sewing them with a multiple zigzag stitch. I used red thread as that seemed to be the predominate color in my ties. I cut all the ties to a 17 inch length. This was a good length for my daughter. I also choose this length because most of my ties were clip on ties and when I took them off the clips they had holes in them where they attached to the clips. I put a lapped zipper in the side and I used the narrow part of a tie for the waistband. I just need to add a snap to the waistband and the skirt will be all done. I think I will have it dry cleaned too as some of the ties may have been a bit dirty. This is how to make a silk skirt out of a pile of old neckties.

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