Friday, March 12, 2010

Swap package received

My partner received her package for the Scrapbook Cookbook Swap Round 3 on Craftster. I wasn't sure if my partner looked at my blog so I didn't post as I completed much. I did post a picture of the Apron I made for her.

The requirements were to craft one medium kitchen related item and craft a scrapbook-cookbook with at least 10 recipes and send a purchased cookbook or kitchen gadget.

Since I am not real good at paper crafting(I just dabble a bit) I decided to sew my scrapbook. I used various silks and lace to match the apron I already made. My partner liked nature themes so I picked out some fabrics that had embroidered leaves and nice warm nature colors of green and tans and gold. I made clear pockets
with transparency film for printers. It is what I had around. I bound the edges with different trims or fabric bindings. Each one is a bit different. I just
printed the recipes on regular printer paper and
glued them to scrapbook paper. I did very little embellishing of the pages because I had already spent a great deal of time crafting the fabric book. She can use the book for pictures or whatever if she doesn't want to use it as a cookbook because the recipes can just slip out and be replaced.

My partner likes cooking with herbs so I sent her a herb and craft cookbook from my stash. I found the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook at The Goodwill Store for $2.00. I had been wanting to look through it but didn't want to pay full price for it. It is about how to sneak vegetables into food. I loved the vintage look of the book and I probably wasn't going to use it as my kids are all grown now and eat their vegetables straight up. My partner loved both books. I am happy that she seemed to love everything I sent her.

She told me she felt like she should hold a wooden spoon and wear red lipstick when wearing a pretty apron. So I sent her a red lipstick and a wooden spoon so she can try that. I also send a tea towel and a few kitchen utensils all wrapped up with a piece of leftover fabric from the apron. I also sent some Chai Tea Mix. I finally found a good recipe for instant Chai Tea and I make it all the time now and love to have some on hand. It does make a very good gift too. The hardest thing about making it is finding the plain unsweetened and no lemon instant tea mix. So when I find that I buy a few jars to have ready to make more. Oh I think I need to go and have myself a cup of tea.

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