Saturday, September 5, 2009

Using every scrap

I picked up this quilt pattern Off Your Rocker Wacky Log Cabin Quilt from Carolina Patchworks. I wanted to make a queen sized quilt which need 49 coordinating fat quarters. I had 2 collections in my stash one with 20 fats and the other with 24. My daughter gave them to me for Christmas. I just had to find a few more in my regular stash and I came up with 50 that went together well enough for the quilt. I really don't do very much quilting but I like these stack and whack quilts because they go together relatively quickly for a quilt. I also love the idea that this was wacky and nothing had to be precise and it had a nice scrappy look to it. Well the quilt top is finished I just have to decide how to quilt it and finish it.
Since the quilt used 18 inch squares and fat quarters are usually 18" X 22" I had fifty 3 to 4 inch strips left over plus all the pieces I trimmed while making the quilt top. I was determined to use every scrap so here is what I came up with. First I used the trimming to stuff a pin cushion. I thought this worked well because it made the pin cushion weigh more than with just fiberfill. I like a weightier pin cushion.

First I made an apron that used 24 of the strips for the skirt and 4 more for the waistband and ties. I cut wedges about 3 inches on the bottom and 1 1/2 inch on the top to make the skirt flair out a bit. I lined it with some fabric left over from another project. I love the way it turned out even though I prefer an apron with a bib too because well I just need more coverage.

To use up the rest of the strips I made 2 pillows. The round one used half of 16 strips and some more of the leftover brown fabric I used to line my apron. Lastly I used the rest of the strips to make the rectangle pillow. Now all I have to do is finish the quilt and use it and the pillows on my bed. The apron will be used in the kitchen as I haven't yet found a use for an apron in the bedroom.

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  1. Wow - you are so resourceful to use up all the scraps! The quilt top is lovely, and apron and pillows are gorgeous. I would love to make one of those round pillows!

    Welcome to blogging!