Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goodwill sewing box

I found this sewing box at The Goodwill Store a few weeks ago. I thought it was a treasure at least I like several things that were inside. I love finding someones full sewing box and seeing what is inside that someone saved. The box itself doesn't really appeal to me as much as what is inside. Although the box is kind of cute. It is made of twisted straw and some kind of pale pink plastic and it has little pink wooden beads for feet. The inside is pink satin with a pin cushion lid and a clear plastic tray on top. And there were all kinds of goodies inside. I got everything for $5.00 what a deal.

Inside was a few pieces of lace and several hand sewing needle books and a couple of packages of machine needle, several snap cards and some hook and eye cards and a pink metal teeth zipper as well as a blue one.

My personal favorites inside were a little embroidery hoop and some very tiny mother of pearl buttons on tiny cards they look to be old. And to add to my collection of wooden spools this box had 3 of them inside. I also love the little plastic ruler with advertising on it. Back in the day companies gave away sewing notions to advertise their business. The 2 plastic thimbles inside the embroidery hoop were inside the sewing box. They both have adds on them too. The other ones outside the hoop are ones I had collected in the past. The 3 closest to the hoop are plastic advertising thimbles. The one in the front is silver and the second one from the front is bronze maybe. The 2 in the back are newer but I really don't remember where I got them. I do use a thimble for all my hand sewing. I think they are a great sewing aid they really help guide your needle. I also like just collecting them as they don't take up much space and they are not expensive. I prefer the silver ones to use for hand sewing as the plastic thimbles are to thick and the newer ones make your finger all sweaty. The silver thimbles just have a nice feel to them and they don't make your finger sweat. So these are some things I like and they make me happy to see them.

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