Monday, September 21, 2009

Shopping and friends

I had the best time shopping with my friend Mary on Saturday. After getting something to eat we hit the local Antique Mall. It is more like a thrift store than antique store but sometimes you can find some treasures. Mary and I each found some buttons and we both think they are treasures. I found 3 plastic bags of buttons and Mary found one large bag. One of my bags had the buttons on cards another had many old shirt buttons and mother of pearl buttons and a rather large wooden button that looks much like an egg. The last one had some old coat buttons and one partial card of white buttons and some old hook

and eyes. And I almost forgot about the lovely crochet gloves I found. Aren't they pretty. Maybe my daughter will wear them to her next dance. (not)

So I need to clean up the buttons a bit most of the loose ones have the thread from whatever garment they came from still attached. I am thinking I may do some kind of button art for Christmas with the white buttons. Maybe a button wreath or a heart. Now if I ever get that accomplished is another story.

After the Antique Mall we went to The Goodwill Store. Not much to find there but we each came out with a couple of books. I bought 2 books, Quilts, Patchworks, and Samplers and Guideposts Christmas Celebrations. The Christmas book has a couple of angel crafts inside. I joined a swap over at;topicseen for Christmas Stocking. My partner is a big angel fan so I thought these angels would be something I could craft for her.

Next we headed over to Tuesday Morning. They just opened about a month ago and I had not had a chance to check it out yet. They always have some wonderful things to look at in there. I picked up a bunch of beads, two knitting books , a crochet book, and a book on beading. I got some very pretty point protectors for my knitting needles and a whole bunch of thimbles. I also bought a set of clear letter stamps and little ink pads. I am just getting started in stamping. Actually I haven't done anything with it yet except buy the supplies. That is the way a lot of my crafting goes. I wasn't going to take a picture of my books but my camera decided to take them anyways and the surprise picture wasn't that bad at least as good as the one I try to take. Picture taking is not really something I am very skilled at. The books are The Yarn Girls Guide To Knits For All Seasons, Pretty Knits, Hooked On Crochet, and Quick and Clever Beading. How could a person resist getting those titles.

Next stop was Joanns Fabrics were I picked up several button cards for 25 cents each. And they had Butterick patterns for 99 cents so I got one for a tunic top 5390. And Vogue Patterns were $3.99 so I bought 8273 a handbag pattern.

After that we had to have some ice cream so we stopped at The Old Towne Creamery for a treat. All in all I would say it was a very good day. We had a blast.


  1. Oh look at all those delicious buttons!! I love a good antique/thrift store!!
    Thank you for the kind words, and for visiting my blog. I'll be your fourth follower!! Here's to lots more!

  2. Very cool I have another follower thanks.