Saturday, September 26, 2009

Closet cleaning

I really should clean out the closet more often. I found all kinds on terrific stuff in there. I also found a bunch of junk I have no idea why I didn't just throw it always instead of storing it in the closet. This closet is one I hardly ever go into so many things got stored there and forgot about. Since my church is having a free yard sale I thought is was a good opportunity to clean this closet and get rid of some craft supplies that I am never going to use. All my kids are grown so I know I will not be doing Boy Scouts or 4H again. I was able to clear out a huge pile of stuff to take to the yard sale and I hauled about 4 huge garbage bags of junk to the trash can. I still have some more work to do there but I wanted to share my finds. I did not know I had these things. I think they belonged to my grandmother. I found about 25 vintage crochet and knitting books from the 40's and 50's. These are a few of my favorites. The red book in the front is much older than 1940's but I couldn't find a date on it. I want to try some of the pot holders and gifts. Some aprons and table mats and these cute tumbler jackets.

This book is from 1975 and it has the cutest

things in it. My favorite is the Ribbon skirt. I am going to try this for sure. I saw a Lily Pulitzer dress made out of ribbons like this.

And check out this beer can hat. Who can I make this for?

I love this bird design. This would be so cute on a towel or an apron. I will think of something to put this on.

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  1. I was oohong and aahing over your rediscoveries! I too love the ribbon skirt and as it's coming up to football grand finals over here, I know a few people who would love a beer can hat!
    And yes, those birds are lovely.
    Yay for getting rid of all that garbage too.