Thursday, June 24, 2010

More VBS

I got some better pictures of my Vacation Bible School decorations today. Our theme was Egypt Joseph's Journey From Prison To Palace. My daughter and I made a lot of the decorations and costumes too. We made two life size sarcophagus out of a piano box. I carved several pieces of Styrofoam that was padding in the piano box into hieroglyphics. I painted them with acrylic craft paint. We made the cat statues with empty 2 liter soda bottles and a Styrofoam ball head. We covered it all with masking tape and spray painted it all black. Then we painted the details with white paint.

This lower picture is of Joseph room in the palace. I mostly used things I already had to get this look. The columns I saved from last years VBS. They are corrugated vinyl roofing rolled into a tube and taped together with clear packing tape. The bigger grain bags are real bags of grain that a man in my church brought over from his mill. One of the activities at Joseph's place was for the kids to pretend to be donkeys and get loaded up with grain sacks on their backs. I didn't want to crush any of the kids by putting 50 lbs of grain on their backs. So I made some lighter ones with pillows from my couch and some fabric from my stash.

Even though VBS was a lot of work we had a lot of fun too. It went well for the most part and I had many helpers for which I am very grateful. I am also glad it is over. I just need to take everything down now. I hope to do most of the taking down tomorrow.

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