Monday, June 7, 2010

Knitting Necklace

This is the first thing I made for my partner in the Cupcake Swap. I got the idea while visiting a yarn store while on vacation a few years ago. I wish I had taken a picture of the necklaces they had, but I have kept the idea tucked away in my head for a while. I wanted to buy one but the $65.00 price tag told me I couldn't. I'm not sure mine is anything like the knitting necklace they had.

For the Knitting necklace I made has stitch markers hanging from a large hook. I made the stitch markers using Shrink-its. At first I was just going to make cupcake stitch markers for my partner. Then I remembered the necklaces I saw on vacation and I have been wanting to make one for a long time. I had already collected the items I needed to make one. Even though the yarn cutter doesn't match the cupcake theme, I already had it and the necklace need a yarn cutter I think. Then I added 2 row counters. Now my partner will have everything she needs at hand to keep track of her knitting.

I find the stitch markers to be very handy even for simple designs. You especially need them for more complicated designs. But I often forget to change my row counter after every row. I really don't know of a better way. Do they make automatic row counters for knitting that change themselves after every row. As usual I want to make one of these for myself. I have some really cute cupcake stitch markers that I got in the last cupcake swap I was in. I just love them and have used them many times.

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