Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Cupcake Swap

My partner got to open the package I sent her this morning. She posted her pictures in the gallery. For some reason the pictures that I took of the towels I sent her didn't show up on my camera. I thought the towels turned out so cute that I wanted some for myself. These are the towels I made for Kelli. I got the idea from one of my hew books Sewing Bits and Pieces. I used the cupcake pattern and the basic idea but I added the hankerchief. My partner liked to collect vintage hankies. These are not vintage hankies but they do have a vintage look to them. For the towels I used 100% cotton Home Dec fabric. It had a nice heavy weave to it. When I spotted the fabric on the clearance table at JoAnn Fabrics I knew it would be perfect for hand towels. And at only $3.00 a yard even better. I washed it first to remove all the sizing and make the fabric softer and more absorbent for towels. I decided to fringe the top and bottom edges.

I was glad I had enough fabric left to make myself some cupcake tea towels. I actually have enough to make two more towels. And I am keeping my eye out for more fabric. This lower picture are the towels I made for myself. They are pretty much the same as the ones I made for Kelli. I just used some different hankies. I love these kind of cute towels but I do have trouble using them. I need to get over that and just use them if they get all messed up or worn I can just make some more. I do enjoy making these things.


  1. These look great. I love how you incorporated the hankies into the design.
    How did you hem the sides? I love the contrasting pink, but i can't quite see all the details.
    I really do like popping over to your blog to see all the pretty things you make :)
    Mel xo

  2. The sides are just a simple topstitched hem. Fold under a 1/4 inch and then make another 1/4 inch fold and topstitch at the fold. The contrast pink is some trim I just topstitched on after making the hem.

  3. So cute!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!