Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swap Angel Package Finished

I finished the package for my angel partner for the Frugal Living Swap. I wanted to make her a nice package because I know how it feels to get flaked on. If you join a swap on Craftster and your partner doesn't send you anything in return the organizer tries to find an angel for you. So I volunteered and was glad when I got to be her angel.

I just wanted to share what I made for her. My partner likes to hitchhike and wanted some things that would be good for traveling. This lingerie laundry bag was something I made for her.
The royal blue bag in the back is a bag for her toilet paper. She asked for something to carry toilet paper in her questionnaire. So I came up with this. The front part that you can see in the picture is a little zippered bag for some hand sanitizer or something like that. There is a drawstring at the top so you can easily get the tissue inside. There is also a zipper on the back side so that you can pull the paper out when needed without having to take anything out of the bag. She said she likes pretty things that are useful so I prettied it up by adding some lace.

The patchwork head scarf is made from a patchwork piece I made from drapery samples about 20 years ago or more. I found this in the back of a closet during a recent closet cleaning. The piece was a bout 36 inches square so I could make a few more head scarves with it. I plan to make myself one I think it would be good for working in the yard. With the eyelet ruffle around the edge it sort of look like something Laura Ingals would wear on the prairie.

I made her a water bottle sling and two reusable sandwich bags. The sandwich bags are lined with recycled potato chip bags. The fabric I used this was something I have had for a long time. It has several of her favorite colors in it. I also knitted her a cotton wash cloth.

The last thing I made were two linen tea towels. I used eyelet lace trim and some patchwork strips along the top and bottom edges. I realized that I used a lot of patchwork in this package. My partner didn't really say she liked patchwork so I hope she likes it. I didn't really plan to make a lot of patchwork things for her but that is the way things turned out.

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  1. What am awesome package! :D I'd love it if I were her - thank you so much for angeling! You rock.