Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mizuhiki Jewelry

I stop by my local Goodwill Store from time to time just to see if they have anything I can't live without. LOL Well the last time I was there I found this product I had never seen or heard of before. Mizuhiki Colorful Paper Cords. They are tiny cords made out of paper. They don't really look or feel like paper. They feel kind of like they are some kind of pliable metal. I was intrigued so I bought them. The directions for three project are on the back of the package.

I decided to try the Josephine Knot Bracelet. It looked simple enough. I did a lot of macrame years ago so it didn't take long to reaquaint myself with a few knots. They only tricky part was the bracelet used ten strands of this cord so it was hard to keep everything in the right order while making the knots. This cord was very forgiving though. It didn't kink up but stayed smooth even if I had to redo a knot.

After making the bracelet with the instructions on the back I decided to make a pair of earring to match. I was able to figure out the knot for the earrings by looking at the picture on the front of the package. The back didn't have instructions for this project. I ended up making two pairs of earrings with the cord that was leftover from making the bracelet. I have enough cords leftover to make the coil necklace so I may try that next. Since I have never seen this product before I doubt that I would be able to find any more. It is easy and fun to work with and I do like my new jewelry.

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  1. wow.. I've never heard of that. Those jewelry pieces turned out great!
    thanks for the kind comment on my window display cabinet!