Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Vintage Patterns

I recently scored a bunch of vintage patterns from Shop Goodwill. They didn't show much of what I was bidding on in the pictures. But I saw a glimpse of some old hot iron transfers so I thought I would take a change and bid on them. I'm so glad I did because I got some adorable and unique patterns and a few hot iron transfers too. They are from the late 40's and early 50's. Most of them are Anne Adams patterns. I got patterns for women's dresses and some cute little girls dresses and a few toys.

My favorites are the apron patterns and this swim suit. and it is even in my size. There are a few patterns that are cut out of news paper that I am not sure what they are. Most don't have anything written on them to identify them. One did identify it as an apron but there are really no directions except to cut 14 pieces. I think it looks like the one where you use a stripe fabric and cut the fabric on the diagonal so when you sew them together it forms a herringbone pattern. I found the perfect stripe in my stash so I may have to try this out.

This Butterick has 3 apron views. The full coverage one view A is truly full coverage. It has a zipper in the front and it is fitted and covers both front and back. It is more like a jumper than an apron. The pattern also suggest that you use the waistband from the half aprons as a sash around the waist.

View B is a gardening apron with a padded pocket on the front that can be a kneeling pad for working in the garden. I think this is very clever. However I am not sure how it is attached or how it forms a pocket as the guide sheet is missing. I may play around with it sometime and see if I can figure it out. View C is a traditional gathered waistband apron. The picture looks like it has two rows of ribbons attached to the front with some bows.

Isn't this swim suit cute. I know now it would be considered a dress. There is even a zipper in the back. The pattern envelope suggest using wool jersey for what they call the under-trunks and the lining of the bra. I think that sounds a bit hot and itchy. I love the style though and I may try making it with swim suit knit and eliminate the zipper in the back. Or maybe I will make it with seersucker and wear it as a sun dress. I will be sharing the results if I ever get any finished.

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