Friday, October 15, 2010

One Dozen Pumpkins

I have been seeing a lot of fabric pumpkins around blog land lately. After viewing several tutorials I came up with my own version. I didn't really have any clear rules I just sort of made them up as I went along. For fabric I used decorator samples in shades of orange and tan. A friend gave me a huge pile of samples. I went through them looking for anything that would make a good pumpkin. My favorites are the none traditional colors. I love the tan dotted one and the tapestry pumpkin. Some of them are a red orange and they look more like apples to me. But apples are a good fall decoration too.

I further up cycled by using my collection of plastic grocery bags waiting for the recycle bin in my garage. It took a lot of plastic bags to fill up a pumpkin even though the largest one are only about 10 inches tall. I also used marbles to give some weight to the bottoms so they would stand up. Each pumpkin is a bit different because I just cut the curves as I went along and used whatever shape fabric I had. Some are short and squat, some are tall and thin, and some are just nice and round. I did keep them fairly symmetrical by cutting both side curves at the same time. I didn't want my pumpkins to be lopsided. I like them all grouped together. I think I will use them to decorate my mantle. Sunday Showcase UndertheTableandDreaming


  1. What a great way to use up your fabric bits and well as the zillion Wal-mart bags I end up with! Your pumpkins are really great. You should consider writing a tutorial on how you made them!

  2. I will consider writing a tutorial. That will mean I would have to make more pumpkins because i did not take pictures of my progress. But they were easy enough to make. And I do want to practice writing some tutorials.

  3. I really love the little bows on these. IT makes them sweet. Thanks for linking this up to Theme Party Thursday!

  4. What great little pumpkins and the fabrics are great!