Friday, October 1, 2010

Monogram Napkins

My daughter has a few friends who have been getting married lately. She is a recent college graduate who hasn't found a real job yet, so she is on a tight budget. She still wants to give her friend a nice gift. She wasn't able to attend the wedding so she needs to mail the gift. She picked out this set of four Melamine Plates and a set of four matching Cocktail Spreaders at a Tuesday Morning. These would not break during shipping and even though they were not the dishes on her registry they matched nicely. We felt like it needed something else.

I had these nice restaurant style white napkins in my stash. I had picked several packages of twelve a few years ago when I first bought my sewing embroidery machine. I knew they would make great gifts. We picked out a monogram that was close to the one on the plates and a close embroidery thread color. The napkins still needed something to make them more modern. So I added the black jumbo Ric-Rack around the edge. I sewed the Ric-Rack on in a zig-zag that I had to turn manually at every point. I could have just sewed right down the middle but the points of the Ric-Rack would have curled up every time they were washed. They would have to be carefully pressed each time they were used. I know I would hate doing that so I sewed from point to point to keep all the Ric-Rack from curling. This took a lot more time to sew that way but I think it is worth saving much frustration in the future. I wanted the bride to be able to use these napkins. I know I would never use them if I had to press all those points. I think they turned out nice I hope the bride and groom like them.


  1. I think they are great. I've never used an embroidery machine, but I've seen a mouth of neat things made with them. I'm afraid if I git to try one out, I may get addicted to it! Anyway, good job.
    Take care.

  2. Great tip about sewing ric-rack I would have never thought of it but I know how frustrating curled ric-rack can be.

  3. Such a great wedding gift! They're beautiful.

  4. LOVE these! Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. Great idea! I like how you used "real job" I've totally been there, with the job thing and a lot of weddings! I was MOH five times!! Love the green and black combo! Visiting from Sugar Bee link up.