Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I did a little shopping the other day at my local thrift stores. I picked up a few lambswool sweaters. I washed them and felted them as soon as I got home. Now they are ready to go when I decide on a project for them. I like the way the lambswool feels even after it is felted it is still nice and soft. The pink sweater is lambswool and angora so it is fuzzy but still nice and soft.

I got these two denim dresses for $2.00 each. I think I will upcycle them into an apron and a couple of tote bags. I will save the buttons on the sunflower dress for another project. I like the birdhouse applique and the sunflower embroideries. I am sure I will be able to use them in an apron. I have some pink jumbo ric rac that would make cute trim if I made an apron using the chenille birdhouse somewhere. I have several ideas in my head about what to do with these two dresses. I have been seeing so many cute ideas while searching around on craft and sewing blogs I was in an upcycled mood.

This is a complete kit that I found at Goodwill for making what the kit calls a memory quilt. One of those quilts made out of your collection of t-shirts. Everything was included in the kit except the batting and the t-shirts. I didn't want a t-shirt quilt. So I had another idea. I had bought a couple of drapery samples packs several years ago at a discount home dec fabric store. I think I paid about $2.00 for 10 samples that were about 24 inches square. I have made several projects with them in the past. I started on a quilted throw today using my samples and some old crocheted doilies. The kit has tan minky fabric for the boarders and the backing. I got the kit for $8.00 and the tan color goes nicely with the old fashioned look of the samples and the vintage doilies.

In the bottom of the quilt kit box if found this adorable necklace. It looks like it has a dictionary page under a glass dome. With the words friendship on it. My daughter wanted to keep this so it is hers now. It was a lovely surprise to find.

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