Thursday, July 29, 2010


A few weeks ago I bought a package of two Sewstylish magazines packaged together in a plastic bag from JoAnn Fabrics. A week or two later I bought another set of different issues at a different JoAnn's. One of the covers pictured one pattern:11outfits! I liked the looks of several ideas in the magazine so I decided to pick up the Simplicity pattern. I waited for four days when Simplicity patterns went on sale for $1.99. I was surprised when I couldn't find the pattern at the store. I decided maybe they hadn't released the pattern yet.

So this afternoon I was looking through my new magazines and saw an advertisement for a special Sewstylish issue to be release Jan 2009. At first I thought this must be a typo. But after looking through the other three I discovered that none of the magazines I just bought were current issues. They were from 2007 and 2008. Well that was why I couldn't find either of the two Simplicity Patterns I was hoping to buy. They have been discontinued.

I am not really disappointed about the old issues as they still have many good ideas in them. I am just a bit surprised because I have never seen anything but current issues of magazines on the stands at JoAnn Fabric's. I couldn't see the date on them because they were packaged together inside a plastic bag and a sticker saying Prepacked Set Issues not sold separately was covering up the date and bar code. I probably would not have noticed the date anyways. The good thing about this is I am pretty sure I did not already own any of the four magazines. I do buy a lot of sewing and craft magazines including Sewstylish. So I ended up with one issue of Quick Stuff To Sew and three Sewstylish winter 2007, fall 2007, and spring 2008. And I guess I don't keep up on current fashions because I didn't notice that the styles were three years old.

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  1. You may still ba able to pick up a copy on ebay. What was the pattern number and I can see if anyone I know has it.