Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I got featured.

I am so excited that I got featured on Creative Itch. I have never been featured before and I don't know what the proper etiquette is. She featured my upcycled denim apron. I really enjoyed making this project and it is something I plan to keep for myself. But I am keeping an eye out for more denim jumpers I can turn into aprons.http://thecreativeitchboutique.blogspot.com/2010/08/sew-cute-tuesday-83110.html

Apron Swap Complete

I am participating in The Super Simple Apron Swap and I finished every thing and I am ready to send it off. My partners favorite color was green so I started by looking through my stash to see if I had anything in green. Green is not my favorite color so I don't usually buy green. I have many small fat quarters because I often need a small piece of green for details in an applique or something. But nothing big enough to make an apron with. I have a huge stash and lately I have been trying to use up some of it. Like I said in an earlier post friends often give me fabrics when they are cleaning out their closets. I had just received a bag of free fabric shortly after I joined this swap. The purple and pink flowered fabric was in that bag and there was about 5 yards of it. More than enough to make an apron. The green fabric I used came from a bag of free gift fabric someone gave me last year. It coordinated perfectly with the flowered fabric.

I decided to make Butterick 5474 view E. The lower skirt is made up of two aprons layered. The green one is slightly smaller than the flowered one so the flowered fabric peeks out all around. The top is lined in the same fabric making for easy construction. There is a round collar and three buttons down the center front. I like the way the collar makes the apron easy to put on because you don't have to mess with tying the neck. You can just slip it over your head. I would love to make myself this style. I already had the vintage style buttons in my stash that matched the fabrics nicely.

We decided to send small extras, (the swap only required one apron). I trimmed a hand towel with a ruffle and green band. And I made some micro oven mitts. These micro oven mitts are great for taking thing out of the microwave. I had made some several years ago and had almost forgot about them. I think I need to make myself some more of these too. I love joining swaps because it challenges me to make things I would not normally make. Even though I have found a new love for making and wearing aprons in the last few years, it wasn't until I joined my first apron swap that I really discovered my love for aprons.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Quick Top

I whipped up another top from Butterick 5216. This time I made view B however I made mine a bit shorter. I used some free fabric that a friend had given me. It is sort of a novelty satin in white. This is a super easy top to sew up. There are only three pattern pieces, the front, the back and the shoulder strap tie. I made the large according to my measurements but it turned out huge on me. But it was very easy to take in the sides to fit better. I think I will make another one in a more drapey fabric. It is a good thing this top is so easy to sew because summer is almost over. I still have a month or so that it will be hot where I live.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A quick top

I made a quick and easy top the other day, Butterick 5216. There were four views on the pattern. Really slightly different versions of two tops. I made view C. View D is the same except it has sleeves. This top would have been a very quick project except I had to complicate it by using this creased fabric. The fabric made it difficult to cut out because I had to try and stretch out the fabric on the crosswise grain to get the right size. The lengthwise grain had no creases so that could be cut as it was. There are tiny sequins and rows of decorative stitching on the fabric too. The decorations were not a problem when cutting or sewing.

I must not have flattened the crosswise grain enough because when I tried on the top one armhole was about two inches bigger than the other. It was easy enough to alter. I still think I need to make one more adjustment to the back neck. After wearing the top for a few hours I don't like how floppy the neck edge is. I think this will be an easy fix of putting a pleat at the center back neck. Because of the texture of this fabric the pleat will barely be noticeable. This will make the neck fit more closely. I was also thinking about shortening the length a bit. I haven't decided yet if this length is a bit to long for my short stature. I will probably wear it a few times and then decide how I like it. The top is very low cut but I plan to wear a cami under it always. With the fabric being a bit shear and the neckline ending below the bust it must be worn with something under, even though the pattern envelope shows the top being worn alone.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Apron Swap

I joined an Apron Swap on Craftster. I finished an adorable apron for my partner today. I am not sure if she reads my blog or not. I don't want to post a picture yet just in case. However I made another apron using the same pattern different view. I used Butterick 5474. For fabric I upcycled a couple of denim jumpers I purchased at the thrift shop for $2.00 each. I adapted the pattern from view A.

Since one of the jumpers had this cute birdhouse applique I knew I wanted to use it for the bib of my apron. The fringe fabric around the applique inspired the fringed binding. So instead of binding the edge with bias tape as the pattern suggested I cut 2 inch wide fabric strips and attached them around the unfinished edge of the apron. Then I sewed the jumbo chenille Ric-rac down the middle. Then I clipped the both edges of the strip at intervals about 1/2 inch apart. After attaching the pockets which came from the lower band on the jumper I threw the apron into the washing machine. The washing and drying helped to make the fabric fringe and ravel which was the look I was going for.

When I saw these jumpers in the thrift store I knew I was going to use them for another project. The birdhouse jumper said apron to me. Once I decided what I wanted to make I had to finish it right away because I was anxious to see the results. It was a quick project and I love the results. Even though I was in the apron swap on Craftster I didn't think this apron was my partners style. I wanted to make her one with new fabric. Actually her apron is made from free fabric that friends had given me. When people know that sew I they often clean out their closets and offer fabric to me. I usually take whatever is offered and give away what I don't want. It is all good.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A giveaway

I just discovered this blog Craft, Sew, Create. She is having a giveaway of a Hunky Dory Jelly Roll. I hope I win. I have entered several giveaways and I haven't won any yet maybe it will be my turn this time.