Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Gifts

It has been a while since I have had a chance to post something on my blog.  I have done a little bit of sewing but have not remembered to take any pictures.  I have had a couple of baby showers lately that I could make gifts for.  Baby gifts are fun to make.  I made a gift set for each shower.

 My initial idea was to make a cozy blanket.  I wanted it to be big enough to be usable past infancy.  I used snuggle flannel on one side and a soft ultra cuddle fleece for the other side.  The blanket is about 45 inches square.  The mom to be picked yellow, orange, and teal for her nursery.  This jungle print flannel was the closest I could come to those colors.  She knows she is having a boy.  The blanket is a simple project to make it was only complicated by the fact that the cuddle fleece is somewhat stretchy and the flannel is a woven fabric that does not stretch.  But I loved how soft and cozy the fleece was so I made it work.  I was able to use some of those hundreds of decorative stitches on my sewing machine to trim the edges with. 
 With some of the extra fabric I sewed two bibs and two burp cloths and a little tag blanket.  I have enough fabric to make one more tag blanket.  The tag blanket is about 13 inches square.  I used my stash of various ribbons and trims for the tags.  I wanted a lot of texture with the shinny satin ribbons and the taffeta ribbon and the bumpy grosgrain, even a few pieces of ric-rac.  I picked a different decorative stitch for each item.  I tried not to use to many satin stitches because they sew out so slow and they use a lot of thread.    The last blanket I made I trimmed it with a satin stitched leaf stitch and i had to change the bobbin three times before I finish sewing the blanket.  It looks better if you don't have to change the bobbin in the middle.
Look at this gift bag my daughter picked out.  Isn't it adorable and it almost has the same animals on it as the gifts I made. 

I made all these items out of two yards of flannel and one and a half yards of the cuddle fleece.  I purchased the fabrics at my local Jo-Ann fabrics.  I used thread  from my stash and two snaps from someones stash that I picked up at the auction.  A nice and easy to sew gift for a  sweet baby.

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